The target audience for this web-based training is educators, administrators, and others who have an interest in enhancing instruction with digital videos. The training contains multimedia components and a navigation menu for ease of use.

The objective of this web-based training is to explain how digital video on demand can enhance instruction for 21st century learners. The training is divided into chapters so that learners will have control over the content and can navigate through the parts easily.


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Before you begin this web-based training, please take a short 4-question survey on what you already know about digital video and what you hope to learn from this training. Click on the link below to begin the survey.

Digital Video on Demand for 21st Century Learners

A student walks up to a monitor, touches the menu and navigates to a video that provides information on his topic of interest. He watches for a moment, then calls several other students to view the content with him. At the end of the clip, the group discusses the content and collaboratively generates ideas for a project.

On the way home from school, another student proceeds to the menu of her ipod to view the latest video that has been downloaded. It is one her teacher has selected for her to see as it will help her to understand binomials better. In her office, the teacher selects videos for her personal home page and then posts them to her blog. These are the ones that will be used in class tomorrow.

Is this a futuristic scene? No, this is happening now in some schools, and is possible in many more. Resources such as school tube, teacher tube, united streaming, and free software such as photostory, imovie, movie maker, and others provides students and teachers with the tools to create their own videos based on curricular content.

Watch the video "View of 21st Century Learners"

What is video on demand?

How does video on demand fit into the constructivist theory of learning?

How can schools with limited resources make use of this great teaching tool?

These and many other ideas will be discussed in this presentation Video on Demand for 21st Century Learners.

Let's start with a two-question quiz to see what you already know about digital video.

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