Best Practices for Using Digital Video in Education

Now that you have seen how easy it is to create digital video, how can you use it for instruction?

This page will highlight some best practices of educators who are already using digital video in numerous ways. Check out the links below and prepare to be amazed!


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Read the article above to see how a college has developed a media literacy program based on the success of an experiment with digital video.


Read the article below to see how one school is using digital video to help students understand narratives.

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Read the article at this link to see how a pilot project with digital video is raising students' enthusiasm for learning:

Read the article below to see how digital video is used in one school to help difficult students improve their behavior.

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Sample digital videos in schools at all levels:

Here is an example of a digital video opener for the school news broadcast used at my elementary school.

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Here is a link to Mabry Middle Schools' annual film festival award winners:

Here is a link to student video projects posted on the

This link shows student projects in the California Media Festival:

Sample storyboards for planning video projects:


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Sugggested roles for group projects:


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Link to free music:

Link to free image and photo sites:

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Link to copyright information and forms:

Sample rubrics for evaluating video projects:


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